Wow! Sunshine & Biscotti is on the RNA Awards shortlist…

Today is a great day. Not only does it feel like spring is in the air, The Sunshine & Biscotti Club has been nominated for The Contemporary Romantic Novel Award at this year’s RoNAs! Woo hoo. I am totally delighted. There are some fantastic authors on the list and you couldn’t go wrong picking any ofContinue reading “Wow! Sunshine & Biscotti is on the RNA Awards shortlist…”

The Sunshine and Biscotti Club

It’s one month today until The Sunshine and Biscotti Club hits the shelves. I thought you’d like to  have a peek at the cover and read the blurb… I don’t know if the book an author has just finished is always their favourite, but that’s usually the way it is for me and this isContinue reading “The Sunshine and Biscotti Club”


It’s all go on the Christmas front, so I thought I’d give you a quick update. The latest Cherry Pie Island book, Four Weddings and a White Christmas, is available to download now and is brimming with all things Christmas. In it we meet cool single-mum Hannah and fiery, kinda moody chef Harry and watch asContinue reading “#CHRISTMAS”

Hurray for Autumn

I love September. It’s my birthday month and I still have a childish excitement for celebrations, presents and chocolate cake. I tend to go on holiday in September – catching the tail end of the European summer, resolutely dressed in my shorts and flipflops as the locals don their wooly jumpers and winter boots. I’veContinue reading “Hurray for Autumn”

Behind the scenes of Cherry Pie

So I thought you might want a bit of a behind the scenes sneak peak at some of the inspiration behind the Cherry Pie Island series  Here’s five things that you may not already know about The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe… I used to be a rower and The Dandelion Cafe is based onContinue reading “Behind the scenes of Cherry Pie”